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  1. Wayneg and yawor understand the Harmony. For me the value is in the activities that control multiple devices at once. If I want to watch Kodi with my new flirc I hit the Kodi activity and it turns on my TV, my sound bar, and brings Kodi into focus on my desktop (it's always running, but I use the computer for other stuff). It knows what my last activity was, so it will either keep it on HDMI 3 or switch to it from the input of whatever the last activity I ran is. From there the buttons are all mapped to Kodi activities. If I want to watch a Blu-ray on my Xbox One I hit the Xbox activity and if I'm already in the Kodi activity it switches my TV input to HDMI 1 from HDMI 3, turns on the Xbox, and now all of the remote buttons are mapped for the Xbox One. If I want to then use the sound bar to stream music or a podcast from my phone I hit the Bluetooth activity which turns off the TV and Xbox One, but leaves the sound bar on and switches input to bluetooth. Or, let's say I'm back in Kodi on my PC and notice that I spilled some crumbs from my sandwich on the floor. I can point my Harmony at the Roomba, turn it on, guide it over to my general area, let it run for a few minutes, then send it back to charge. It's a little hard to hear the TV show I'm watching in Kodi so I hit a button to switch Kodi audio output to my headphones and put them on to isolate from the vacuum noise. One thing not mentioned is that the screen can hold a menu with basically every function a device can perform. So, if there are some little used functions that don't really fit anywhere on the harmony or that you'd be afraid of accidentally pressing, you can still access them from the menu and you get text saying exactly what they are. It's one remote with lots of options and simplicity once it's setup. I have an older low end model (510) which was I think under $50 when I got it. It's limited to 5 devices and doesn't have a color screen, both of which are fine by me. The software kind of sucks. A lot of things are not intuitive. It does everything I want it to but learning how to do it and where to find those settings took awhile at first. My remote only works on the older software so it might be much better on newer devices.
  2. Thanks for the response. I sort of assumed the answer would be along these lines but was hoping with its popularity with Kodi users it might be sending non-keyboard media commands. I'll look into those solutions you mentioned. I'm already somewhat familiar with using AutoHotkey for this sort of thing so I may go that route.
  3. I'd like to buy a Flirc for my PC which is connected to the TV, but I'm not sure if it'll work for my use case. My main PC is connected to the TV via HDMI. Kodi is used as a TV front end so it's often in use by people even when I'm using the desktop for other things. Will flirc be able to send commands to Kodi while something else, like a game or web browser, has focus in Windows on another display? I'm planning on using it with a Harmony 510 if there's anything different about the Harmony profile that matters.
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