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  1. Thanks for the tip. I believe I understand how the layouts work now. I've successfully mapped the remote's Standby key to the Media Controller layout's Power button. Oddly, even though it wouldn't wake the computer, it put it to sleep when I pressed the button to record it. Fortunately, it was then able to wake up the PC. I look forward to the next release with those other keys in the WMC layout.
  2. Thank you. I believe I understand those points now. However, almost every one of those unsupported buttons does have a keyboard equivalent, so Flirc could support those buttons in the WMC configuration if it wanted to. http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/media-center-keyboard-shortcuts#1TC=windows-7 Record a TV show = Ctrl+R Open Media Center or return to the Media Center start screen = Windows logo key +Alt+Enter Go to Recorded TV = Ctrl+O Go to the Guide = Ctrl+G Go to live TV = Ctrl+T Go to the DVD menu = Ctrl+Shift+M The only one that doesn't have an explicit shortcut
  3. I'm trying the 1.3.7 RC1 on my second HTPC. It reports firmware 3.6. I do not see any of the missing keys that I mentioned in the WMC configuration: Record, Standby, Guide, Live TV, Recorded TV, etc. Should I? (Standby is really important because there's no alternative, since it's safer to exit WMC and then put the HTPC to sleep. Plus, it's how one wakes up the HTPC.) For this test, I'm using the Rosewill RHRC-11002 remote, hoping that it's less weird than the one from Hauppauge. The keys act a bit flaky. I've mapped the arrows, Enter, and Back in the Flirc setup. When I press them
  4. Thanks for the rapid response! The link to the WMC mappings will be very helpful, but of course, it can't help if the key isn't in the WMC configuration to begin with. :-) I'll install the RC and let you know. I have a second remote for my other WMC HTPC, and I'll try that with the Flirc, too. If it doesn't require double-presses, that'll lend credence to the theory that I have an oddball remote (which is probable if it came with my Hauppauge tuner). I'll try the double-record solution, too. I'll respond again in about five hours (after work). As a fellow software developer, I can appr
  5. First of all, I blame myself for not researching this receiver more. I bought another receiver a while back and it "just worked" with my WMC remotes, so I expected Flirc would, too. I didn't realize that it merely mapped IR signals to keystrokes. I have a WMC remote that, I think, came with one of my Hauppauge tuners. (It's been years.) The keys are the same as the Rosewill RHRC-11002, but its shape is more like the Adesso ARC-100 remote (but it's black). Keys http://amazon.com/gp/product/B005ZAK50K Shape http://www.amazon.com/Adesso-Media-Center-remote-control/dp/B000XVNJRM
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