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  1. This is only happening with the new flirc. If I switch back everything works perfectly. Real pain this is.
  2. For Kodi I used the Kodi profile for everything except Play/Pause which I used Boxee and that seemed to work, however it seems that some of my remote buttons are acting like I pressed it twice example, the 'back' button goes back two screens every time.
  3. My Harmony 680 has the same issues with the Play and Pause. It works fine with the 'old model' Flirc controller. Any ideas from anyone?
  4. I just updated to v2.0.1 to program my 'new model' Flirc controllers, however, now when I plug my 'old model' controller into my Windows 10 PC, it crashes the Flirc software. The 'new model' controller works just fine. Any ideas?
  5. OK. I was able to get it working by right clicking the Flirc device in the Device Manager and select Update Driver Software. Then select Browse My Computer and point it to Program Files (x86) > Flirc > Driver > usb_driver All working good now.
  6. 1) Had the Flirc software loaded on my Windows 8.1 machine and it worked fine, upgraded to Windows 10 and it STILL works. 2) Did NOT have Flirc program loaded on another Windows 8.1 machine, upgraded to Windows 10, installed Flirc program and it will NOT work. When I check the device manager it says that there is a driver problem with the Flirc device. If I start the Flirc program it does not show the device as connected and when I exit it tells me that the program is not working properly and forces a program shut down. Anyone else having this problem or know how to correct the driver problem? Can I obtain the Flirc drives so I can point Windows 10 to them? Thanks in advance
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