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  1. Changing the power supply completely solved my problem. I am quite happy that it is again working perfectly. The problem is completely reproduceable / fixed by swappinmg the new / old power supplies. The older i3 NUC came with a two piece power supply. 3 prong power cord plugging into a brick with a cable then plugging into the NUC. The newer i5 came with a much smaller 2 prong one piece unit, usually referred to as a "wall wart". Both 19VDC 3.42A.
  2. I'm now experiencing this. For over a year my setup worked perfectly: intel i3 NUC Windows 7 Pro always kept up to date Only software installed - Plex Home Theater, Firefox, flirc XBOX One Media Remote ( http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/61Pwgq%2B8xeL._SL1300_.jpg ) Last Friday I purchsed the newer 5th gen i5 NUC, installed the same W7 Pro, let it do all it's updates, PHT, Firefox, flirc, and of course now, just randomly when I press a key it goes berzerk as if I'm holding down the key. I DID NOT reprogram or do anything to the flirc so I'm really not sure what is different between the old and new setup that could cause this. I have seen people mentioning power supplies. The new NUC has a different power supply so when I get home I'll check if the old and new are the same voltage and if so try the olde one.
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