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  1. Yes you are right it is easy to just do it manually, then I can set the remote exactly as I want. This is how I set up the XBOX One Media Centre Remote (full keyboard profile mode):
  2. That's perfect, thank you very much for the quick reply Chris! This flirc thing is great ... if I had known IR remote control could be this easy I would have got one ages ago! :) :) :)
  3. Hi! Just got a flirc to use with the new Xbox One Media Centre Remote and it works great! (Much much easier than stuffing around with ir-keytable and LIRC for use with KODI on linux or in OpenELEC.) Is there a way to tell what keys the various "Icons" map to in the GUI Controller maps? (like for Basic Remote, Amazon Fire TV, Boxxee Box, FLIRC etc etc....) For example:
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