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  1. No, it does not work outside of Kodi. I tried Notepad with no success. It works fine with the GUI; I can record remote commands. I have tried uninstalling (through device manager) and reinstalling several times with no luck. I also tried the procedure with Zadig. I noticed that it lists flirc twice; once on Interface 0 and once on Interface 1. If I uninstall via device manager, I can uninstall. But when I reinstall, I always get two that show up. Not sure if this is typical or not. One observation I will make is that the GUI always defaults to the Minimalist Controller. Is it supposed to work that way if I select the KODI controller? Thanks.
  2. I installed a FLIRC with firmware 3.6 and GUI 1.3.6. The GUI connects with the FLIRC and is able to record commands from my Harmony remote. Once I exit the GUI and load KODI, it does not work at all. I have the FLIRC KODI profile loaded on the remote. If I go back to the GUI, it connects and records commands but no go in KODI. I am running Windows 7, KODI 14.0 and 14.2. I have tried the FLIRC in a couple different usb ports and have rebooted the computer with no luck. Any help would be appreciated.
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