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  1. Bang&Olufsen Avant 55 TV problem mostly solved: In the meantime I have FLIRC working on Amazon FireTV Box together with the B&O Avant 55 Television. The problem was that the Amazon FireTV Box has no IR interface so the FLIRC was chosen. Only the Amazon FireTV Box has a USB Interface and recognizes the FLIRC. This is not possible using the Amazon FireTV STICK. To understand this Connection, the Bang&Olufsen Avant 55 TV is used as a Proxy. There is no direct communications between the Remote and FLIRC. The B&O Remote communicates directly with the TV and B&O Avant has an internal Set top box with 4 IR Interfaces. A PUC (Programmable User Connection) is loaded from the B&O Internet site for the appropriate device and Logically attached to one of the IR Interfaces. There are masses of such available and devices the already have IR Interfaces pose no problems. This activates the IR Interface. The B&O PUC for the Amazon FireTV is worthless, but activates the IR Interface. Now glue the IR onto the FLIRC and attach it to your PC. Load the FLIRC Software and Reduce the Inter-Key Delay to 0. The B&O signal is interpreted multiple times if this isn't done and the TV reacts accordingly. Program the Amazon FireTV using the B&O Remote, then attach the FLIRC to the Amazon FireTV Box. Some buttons are pre-defined and can't be changed. red dot, EPG are the Home buttons, you'll have to live with this. The B&O PUC requires changes. It really doesn't bother anything. In the meantime Bang & Olufsen are requesting information from myself for this connection. Ther presently offered method doesn't allow the FireTV BX to be hidden in the back of the TV. Major drawback is repeat scrolling. due to the reduced Inter-Key value it isn't available. If I gain interest, I might test it. If someone requests, I have a small Documentation available that I sent To B&O in Denmark.
  2. OH, forgot to mention. The Amazon Box is barried in the back TV and not readily available. As mentioned the IR Cable and SetTop Controller proxies between the FLIRC and the Remote
  3. Hi Jason, The B&O RemoteOne is not Universal in the means you probally are thinking. It has no Profile it communicates directly with the Television. The Remote Communicates with the Bang&Olufsen Avant55 TV and the Signals are traslated into IR Signals by the TV using an Internal SetTop Box Controller. In the SetTop Box Controller are 6 Intercaces the accept IR Cables with small IR LEDs on the end of the cable. Opeartion; Attach the Amazon Fire TV Box to the Bang&Olufsen Avant55 Install the B&O PUC Software from the Internet that activates the IR Interface in the TV I must then attach the FLIRC to the PC start the FLIRC Software. Pull the IR Interface cable attached to the B&O Interface, out of the TV and paste it on the FLIRC Now Program the FLIRC using the B&O RemoteOne that communicates with the TV, this in turn translates the Communication actions into IR output on the SetTop Box Controller The Remote doesn't directly communicate with FLIRC ist uses the TV as a Translation Proxy Remove the FLIRC from the PC and stick it on the USB interface of the Amazon Fire TV Box Restart Box Test the Buttons As Stated B&O is B&O. To see this in opeartion you'll have to go to a B&O Showroom. :o Due to this Problem with the Amazon Box, B&O propagates using the Apple TV Interface. Apple ist Paste the IR on, load the PUC and it works. Amazon doesn't have an IR Interface it uses Bluetooth, so FLIRC is the answer. This doesn't chage the FLIRC Programming UI problems. As stated the situation improved when I reduced the Inter-Key Delay is to 0. I read somting aout this setting so tried it out. It Reduced the Crashability factor Perhap I'll get brave and try changing setting this upwards. Never play with a running system, or if it ain't broke, don't fix it.
  4. I'll suspect this is the same problem...
  5. Sorry the Table went to never-never land.. :(
  6. Hi Chris, It is very possible that I'm the Problem. Wouldn't be the First time. Test showed using the B&O remote that when the STD. Inter-Key Delay is set to 5, the Select Key using the B&O RemoteOne didn't work, but all others did. When the Inter-Key Delay is set to 0, the Fastforward works, but you can't hold it down to get additional FastForward speed that the Film Player in the Amazon Fire TV offers. It was a comprimise. I had a choice of no selection or frustrating Fastforward. The B&O Remote is a very strange Beast. It uses Frequency and IR to control devices. It intercommunicates with the TV and in some cases, uses both communication chanels. The PUC are Software Interfaces for the SetTopBox IR interfaces built into the Avant55 that can be loaded across the Internet. In most cases the Plugged in Device is recognized and you are asked if the PUC is correct. If not select one of hundreds available. Changes from the default are shown in bold print. Button Global action B&O PUC Virtual keyboard 3 Directional pad: § Up § Down § Right § Left Directional pad: § Up § Down § Right § Left 4 Select Select 5 Home Rot 6 Context menu Guide 7 Fast forward >> 8 Play/pause >II 9 Back Back 10 Rewind << The request is to perform an Error/Pop-up free Configuration for the Amazon Fire TV using the GO option that doesn't bug in the middle or force me to manually erase each key and Program such seperately do to Key already Set, or other such pop-ups. Assumption; Press Go to Configure Pop-up -> all data will be deleted Delete all Key Data Query individual keys Save Not Wished is: Scenario One Select Amazon Fire TV Use all Standard settings Start Config with GO Button automatically selected and Push Remote key to define. This continues for 2, 3, or perhaps 5 Keys and then [Key already defined] Abort, redo, or what ever the options were and this in an endless loop.so off to the Cancel and try again. Abort one Forced to quit, delete each key information and retry with GO Scenario one starts again and quits this tim on the Second Key. Return to Abort One or with luck make it to the end and only half of the Bottons work Start endless loop until Frustrated Delete individual Button manually Program Button Continue to next button recieve similar results other Pop-up with two options. Scenario Two; (Worked with limitations) Advanced-> reduce the Inter-Key Delay is to 0, Delete individual Button manually Program Button Continue to next button Finish last Button Plug into Amazon Fire TV and test B&O RemoteOne. The FF frustration exists, but the Select works. I've deleted the Configuartion reloaded the Firmware and the Random quit on some button continues. I'm going to assume the developers won't happen to have a Bang&Olufsen RemoteOne or BEO4 remote control or an Avant55 available to test with? Any tips are appreciated. Did i manage to place the clearly??
  7. Using the FLIRC Configuration as a Amazon Fire TV I continously hit a Hard stop. The Configuration when started with GO always hits randomly a Key already Configured situation. I can' continue, redo or any thing. The Workaround is to manually delete the configuration, erase every Key manualy, which is the same Problem. Key already erased. Then program one key afer another. If the above situation starts, erase the Key Manually and try again. After long Experements, deleting, reconfiguring each Key manually, I managed to get all kes working and Recognized Do to the capabilities of the Bang&Olufsen RemoteOne the Inter-Key Delay needs to be set to 0 Configuration: Windows 8 Enterprise Bang&Olufsen Avant55 Amazon Fire TV PUC IR Cable connection Interface Amazon Fire TV BOX present Firmware.
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