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  1. There appears to be a few bugs in the FLIRC software. Not correctly registered in Windows 10 version 1909 build 18363.535. THe fcfg file type isn't recognized and Save Configuration doesn't work until this is solved. look for File type .fcfg and FLIRC is listed, but not active open the File type and save it File type is now registered. FLIRC will not save the Configuration from a Type 1 FLIRC device. I have an OLD Type 1 FLIRC attached to an Amazon FireTV Box. The controller is a Bang&Olfusen Avant 55 Tele
  2. Use other buttons Red, Blue, green, yellow or play, fast forward, reverse or options. You'll have to play to get a good mix. Play with the inter-key delay setting as well as stated above. I'm not sure where my inter-key delay setting landed at. Ensure you have the newest PUC installed Again program ALL buttons yourself otherwise the connection will operate erratically. FLIRC has pre-settings, but these are translated by the PUC and it is a catch-as catch-can situation if you use the default FLIRC button settings. If you post your E-mail I'll forward the Documentation I sent to B&O Tec
  3. Ensure you delete and program ALL buttons yourself. THE B&O PUC is the translator so the Defaults provided from FLIRC don't necessarily work.
  4. If I change my controller the Speakers, Lights, Shutters, B&O IR port, DVD on the HDMI port and the Amazon Fire box only partially work if at all. I could just use the Bluetooth controller to operate the Amazon device. For aesthetic reasons I only have one Remote controller that came from B&O and not a pile of such laying around.
  5. mine works fine for years. little help here. I gave the set-up information and documentation I wrote to Denmark. see the following thread. BeoVision 11 only will work if IR cable is attached andthe Amazon Fire PUC is available in the television
  6. nothing is shown on the screen. The B&O Controller is attached with software to an IR output
  7. B&O remote is far from panasonic or universal remote. It is IR and radio communications simultaneously. Thus the controller can't be correctly copied into a "Universal" controller. THe controller is in itself programmable and controls everything imaginable using PUC Apps (Programmable universal connector) plug-ins. The PUC is the attached to a device within the television, for example IR port 4 (9 pin ethernet plug with an IR eye on the end and is completely controlled by the television. Go by an B&O store and look at the controller. made from CNC cut aluminum, polished.
  8. The Flirc is stuck into the USB port on the programming PC then must be attached to the IR port using the IR-adapter within the B&O Television. This is glued to the FLIRC. Process is and should work. I have a B&O Avant 55 start the programming software from FLIRC set the FLIRC software to PS4 controller load the PS4 PUC app on the B&O television setup the connection to the appropriate IR Port out, delete the content of all buttons within FLIRC using the PC start by select the button on the PC to program and press the appropriate button on the B&O Contr
  9. Bang&Olufsen Avant 55 TV problem mostly solved: In the meantime I have FLIRC working on Amazon FireTV Box together with the B&O Avant 55 Television. The problem was that the Amazon FireTV Box has no IR interface so the FLIRC was chosen. Only the Amazon FireTV Box has a USB Interface and recognizes the FLIRC. This is not possible using the Amazon FireTV STICK. To understand this Connection, the Bang&Olufsen Avant 55 TV is used as a Proxy. There is no direct communications between the Remote and FLIRC. The B&O Remote communicates directly with the TV and B&O Avant has an inte
  10. OH, forgot to mention. The Amazon Box is barried in the back TV and not readily available. As mentioned the IR Cable and SetTop Controller proxies between the FLIRC and the Remote
  11. Hi Jason, The B&O RemoteOne is not Universal in the means you probally are thinking. It has no Profile it communicates directly with the Television. The Remote Communicates with the Bang&Olufsen Avant55 TV and the Signals are traslated into IR Signals by the TV using an Internal SetTop Box Controller. In the SetTop Box Controller are 6 Intercaces the accept IR Cables with small IR LEDs on the end of the cable. Opeartion; Attach the Amazon Fire TV Box to the Bang&Olufsen Avant55 Install the B&O PUC Software from the Internet that activates the IR Interface in
  12. I'll suspect this is the same problem...
  13. Sorry the Table went to never-never land.. :(
  14. Hi Chris, It is very possible that I'm the Problem. Wouldn't be the First time. Test showed using the B&O remote that when the STD. Inter-Key Delay is set to 5, the Select Key using the B&O RemoteOne didn't work, but all others did. When the Inter-Key Delay is set to 0, the Fastforward works, but you can't hold it down to get additional FastForward speed that the Film Player in the Amazon Fire TV offers. It was a comprimise. I had a choice of no selection or frustrating Fastforward. The B&O Remote is a very strange Beast. It uses Frequency and IR to control devices. It int
  15. Using the FLIRC Configuration as a Amazon Fire TV I continously hit a Hard stop. The Configuration when started with GO always hits randomly a Key already Configured situation. I can' continue, redo or any thing. The Workaround is to manually delete the configuration, erase every Key manualy, which is the same Problem. Key already erased. Then program one key afer another. If the above situation starts, erase the Key Manually and try again. After long Experements, deleting, reconfiguring each Key manually, I managed to get all kes working and Recognized Do to the capabilities of the Ba
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