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  1. You may be right here. I tried replacing the Logitech extender with a sheilded USB extension cable in the same port and all is working well. Thanks for you help!
  2. Sorry Jason, not able to get much info off this extender, here's some pictures: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/4291940/20150606_220458352_iOS.jpg https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/4291940/20150606_220512499_iOS.jpg If you want me to plug it and get you some additional info, let me know!
  3. Thank YOU for your help and for offering this great product! It is from an old Logitech MX5000 keyboard and mouse combo I bought some time ago. I don't have a link but when I get home I can take a look at it and get you some pictures/details about it. It's essentially a USB extender that came with the set. Thanks again!
  4. Problem solved! I was plugging in the flirc to an old USB extender from a wireless Logitech keyboard so that I could place the d ice ice directly under the TV. Turns out that this extender was keeping what was preventing my PC from sleeping! I plugged the flirc into a USB extender cable and it now sleeps and wakes perfectly! Thank you all for your help! Think I might get another flirc now for my Raspberry Pi!
  5. I tried with the config you gave me and even enabled the Noise Filter but it still immediately wakes up right after putting the PC to sleep.
  6. Awesome, thank you Jason! I will give this a shot when I get home tonight. I had mapped the wake key to one of the buttons on my remote so that I could wake up the PC using a button. I will try re-record that button and see if it does power on now using your modified config. I'll report back later tonight, thanks again!
  7. So I did discover that the flirc added an HID Keyboard device in Windows, I disabled the "Allow this device to turn com PC" option and when the PC sleeps now, it's stays that way. Obviously, I can't wake it from my remote because the wake setting on that HID deive is disabled. Not an ideal solution. Any tips or suggestions out there? Thanks!
  8. Sure, my config file is available here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/4291940/my_flirc_config.fcfg Thanks!
  9. Hi! I just got my flirc and am loving it so far. I have one issue that I can't seem to figure out however. Before I had my flirc, I would put my PC (Win 7 x64, BIOS set to S3) to sleep and it would stay that way until I sent a WOL command. No problem. Now after plugging in my flirc, as soon as the PC goes to sleep it wakes up right away. Unplugging the flirc again and and trying to get the PC to sleep (and stay that way) works. I do have the Sleep Detection setting enabled in the flirc GUI. What can be causing this? Any tips on where/what settings I should be checking? Any help is appreciated, Thank you!
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