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  1. Just got the FLIRC today and started to program it. The good news is that it works just fine on my Kodi OpenElec x86 based system. It does however not work on my Android tv box "ADT-1" with Kodi installed as well, the direction keys work but no other keyboard shortcut works at all. It's like the android sees it as something other than a keyboard. When I attach a real keyboard to the Android it comes up with a notification saying "Controller Connected" and all keys function as epected, when I plug in the FLIRC it says nothing at all, although as mentioned above the direction keys will work. I know the remote is programmed correctly as I can take the same remote and FLIRC and plug it into my OpenElec and all is good. I have tried a couple of different firmware versions to no avail. I have tried enabling/disabling the "Enable mouse and touch screen support" in Kodi but that makes no difference. Any idea of how to solve this?
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