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  1. Repeat will begin usually after some interaction between flirc/the remote during which time it works perfectly well, and then once it has gotten "hung up" (for lack of a better word) on whatever button that is, it will gradually over the next few uses/presses become "stuck" repeatedly pressing some key (any number of different ones as noted in a previous post). Once it has entered this state, it will start triggering without being given any keypresses.
  2. Usually it settled on one key to repeatedly press each time it happens, but which key that is has been a different one each time (usually). I've had it be "1" before, "P", "Left Arrow", etc..
  3. I'm fairly certain I am also getting this problem, and it's continued to be a problem in both Linux (mint 17.1) and windows (8.1) for me using Harmony 650. I've tried both the Samsung/Panasonic TV profile method and also the special Flirc profile on the Harmony and neither has solved this problem. My center was running linux at first, and I was getting the problem no matter what I did, so I just set flirc aside for the time being. After a while the machine came to run windows 8.1, and the exact same problem persists with flirc there as well. For some reason the flirc will start out working just fine, then at some point it just begins "cutting out" (which I've actually come to find is endlessly stuck keypresses), then eventually only send "phantom"/repeated keypresses over and over even if I restart, even if I re-plugin Flirc. I've tried using USB 2.0 hubs, and I've tried ensuring that the drivers pick up flirc on the media center - It gets the problem when I try to record, that it will instantly register some random key and I can't even program it anymore. I've tried every inter-key delay in the list and none solve it. I am using Firmware 3.6. It's not just in Kodi where it misbehaves, of course, but in the OS itself as well (constantly pressing the key and typing whatever that happens to be in any dialog or box that comes up). After reading a few threads about "lamps" and "light interference" (...) I've even tried taping boxes over it in a very silly attempt to get it to be nice and happy in its own dark little box-world, but to no avail. So.. I'm really not sure what to do, and sadly rearranging my room to have no other electronic in it except the PC and flirc is not exactly feasible. Any suggestions?...
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