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  1. Tnx, now all works! I had misread the flirc spec device, flirc is recognized like a keyboard, so I used the full keyboard layout to program the right buton for kodi. So I've installed the kodi addon to edit keymaps, and I've modified the behavior for the power button to suspend action.
  2. Hi, tnx for the reply, I really don't know what kind of remote is, I only know that works. I partially resolved my problems, I used the kodi plugin, that on kodi remote contains the context menu. I also recorded the power button with kodi plugin but if I plug flicr on the pc and I try to check the remote buton, don't works! Now remains only few problems Vol - Take the power place Vol + Don't do nothing I can't program the play pause buton I want to use the same but for now I can't program any of this Like I said the power is assigned but I don't want to see the power optio
  3. Hi, I just received my new flirc, tnx for that! My configuration is Zotac ID41 with openelec A generic remote from an old player But I've some kind of problem to program flirc I've the lastest stable app for windows I select the kodi layout and all buttons works but power vol + / vol - have some problems If I try to associate the power button, flirc say that the key is recorded but if I try to check pressing the remote power button, the icon on the flirc interface don't blink If I try to associate the vol - button, flirc say that the key is recorded but if I try to check pressing the
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