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  1. Ah ha! To downgrade I found that I can run 'flirc_util.exe dfu' from a command prompt and then start flirc.exe That seems to kick in the bootloader and then things start to work. I tried all versions after 1.2.4 and all of them show the same issue for me sadly :(
  2. When I install v 1.3.3 it says at the bottom 'unsupported firmware, try upgrading'. When I go to file->upgrade flirc I get 'Please connect flirc'. When I try file->advanced I see all the options are greyed out. I assume this is because v 1.3.3 gui does not recognise my flirc running a newer firmware release. what am I missing here?
  3. I have the same remote with the same problem. I'm on firmware 3.6 My wife is going to kill me when she finds out the remote doesnt work any more! If downgrading is the immediate answer then please please please could you mail me instructions :) thanks in advance
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