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  1. The issue I reported was with firmware 3.6. I just tried 3.7-rc.1 and it appears to have solved all of my issues (the one I reported here, plus extraneous +U00 keys being added to my combos at random) with Sequence Modifiers enabled.
  2. This is my first post on the forums...just want to say that Flirc is fantastic and I've had lots of success with it so far. This is really the only issue I've run into that I believe is caused by Flirc. I'm using a Harmony 1100, Flirc and EventGhost to automate launching of Windows Media Center in three different modes (Live TV, Media Browser, and ArcSoft TotalMedia Theatre 6). Because of a lack of key combos - and because ArcSoft is so temperamental - I have to use EG to close WMC and relaunch it in whatever mode I've requested. As a result, I have 4 key combos mapped in EG: Shift+Ctrl+Alt+F9 (Start WMC in Live TV mode) Shift+Ctrl+Alt+F10 (Start WMC in Media Browser) Shift+Ctrl+Alt+F11 (Start WMC in ArcSoft) Shift+Ctrl+Alt+F12 (Close WMC) My Harmony sends 4 unique IR codes to Flirc that map to the above key combos. The problem that I'm having is that previously-played key combos are being replayed, according to EG (and another keypress-monitoring program I tried). If I press some of these buttons in any combination, I start to see repeats in EG's log. For example. If I press the F9 combo, I see in the log: Keyboard.Ctrl Keyboard.Shift+Ctrl Keyboard.Shift+Ctrl+Alt Keyboard.Shift+Ctrl+Alt+F9 If I then press the F10 combo, I see in the log: Keyboard.Ctrl Keyboard.Shift+Ctrl Keyboard.Shift+Ctrl+Alt Keyboard.Shift+Ctrl+Alt+F10 Keyboard.Shift+Ctrl+Alt+F9 (bad) I've tried the following: Restarting EG (the issue persists) Testing the EG key combos with a keyboard (no duplication) Unplugging/replugging Flirc (fixes the issue, until you start using the key combos again) Setting Harmony's "responding too much or only occasionally" setting to 0 (does nothing) Watching Harmony's IR signals with an IR receiver (confirmed that it is NOT sending duplicate signals) Turning off Flirc sequence modifiers (EG no longer receives the full key combo...this is what leads me to believe that Flirc is the culprit) I've looked all over the forums and Google and couldn't find anyone else who had a problem exactly like this. Any ideas?
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