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  1. I'm thinking of getting a few more flircs to control a couple of my plex media pc's. I've been using a flirc in my bedroom now for a while and really like how it works! For the living room and theater in the basement I was thinking of getting a couple xbox one remotes to use as the plex media remotes as they seem like they are very nice. It looks like you can use the xbox one remote to control your sound as well but what I'm wondering is in order to do that do you actually need to have an xbox one hooked up to your system? I'm guessing you do but thought maybe I'd ask if anyone out there has been able to do this? I know I'd probably need an all in one like a harmony but I really like the look of the xbox one remote for this kind of use. The backlit keys and just the over all look of a nice simple little well made media remote. Thanks in advance!
  2. Yea I was thinking it may behave that way. Probably same in the reverse. If I'm on my httpc input through the tv and using the play, pause, arror buttons etc it may also be controlling the cable box at the same time behind the sceens. Not sure if that's a big deal or not so I'll have to test it out. I believe these remotes are universal and are programmable. The cable guy programmed my living room one to control the volume on my onkyo receiver. I'll just have to play around with it once I have the flirc. I'm leaving for vacation tomorrow so when I get back I will figure it out. Worse case I just get a inexpensive remote just for using with the htpc. Thanks for the responses!
  3. Very nice! Are there any brick and mortar stores you can pick up one of those knock off remotes? Id rather not order online if I don't have too. I may try out something like that or even just grab an xbox one remote since I have a best buy gift card that would cover the 25 dollar cost. Also can you control the volume of any tv or av receiver with this remote? If not maybe I'm better off with an actual universal remote.
  4. I was just thinking of trying to use my current X1 remote. It's an XR5 v4 if your familure with those at all. They are universal but my thought was this. When watching normal TV the remote functions exactly as it normally would. When switching to my htpc plex client I use the arrow buttons to navigate, center button to select movie, pause, stop ,rewind, FF etc. Then switching back to normal cable TV all buttons function with my cable box as they would normally. I can dig up a separate remote I suppose but I'd rather just use one remote so I'm hoping that works out. Either way I'll figure it out once I get the device. I'm excited to check this thing out! Tired of having to grab a mini keyboard!
  5. I was just thinking of how I'm going to program my remote wit flirc for use with my plex setup. I use plex home theater and would love to just be able to use my current Xfiity X1 remote to also control plex. I don't really need a ton of mappings done but the basics will be nice. now my question is if I program the "last" button on the flirc to say go back to the previouse screen. Will the "last" button still work like it did before when using my remote with my cable box or will it stop working as it did for my cable box?
  6. Awesome thanks for the update!
  7. I notice when looking to purchase a flirc it shows that they are unavailable and say's they will be back in stock in March of 2014?
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