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  1. I also have to say that I've been using this for about a month, and I"M LOVING IT. The 10 Ft. cord allows me to put the box just about anywhere, and it's barely visible. MOST IMPORTANTLY, POWER OF THE REMOTE AND IT'S ANGLE IS ABSOLUTELY NOT A PROBLEM. Even in direct sunlight. The SE seems to be super sensitive. In a word - It's Perfect!
  2. Yes, I've taken quite a few pics, but I haven't been able to upload them. The Pics help explain. If anyone can help, I'll repost with them.
  3. Hi: I discovered this amazing product about a month ago. The best thing I like about the Flirc is that the HTPC is programmed to the remote's output, and not vice-versa like "universal remotes" are set up. This means that the smarts are where they belong - in the PC. I thought I would share the hurdles I had in setting up a unit the way I wanted it to run, and how I got around them. A couple words of warning - this is a little DIY. I CAN IN NO WAY BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE RESULTS OR OUTCOME OF THIS PROJECT. If you proceed to follow these directions - you do so at your own risk, M
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