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  1. I suppose I'd prefer playlist skip as I have XBMC on a Revo and no DVD or Blu Ray drive to necessitate the chapter script.
  2. Thanks Chris. I'm not blaming the Flirc. I think it's a limitation of XBMC and there's nothing that can be done. But I live in hope of your flirc skills! :)
  3. Hey Chris mate. It doesn't have chapters. I have a folder full of mp4 files and I brought up the context menu on the folder and selected "Play". I had hoped to quickly jump back and forward through the different mp4 files. I thought moving to the next/previous file in a playlist AND skipping to the next/previous chapter were one and the same! I hope I haven't wasted your time.
  4. I'm stuck with this. The brackets merely skip forward and back 30 seconds. The comma and period/full stop buttons do the same but in 5 second increments. I tried editing the keyboard.xml and put "SkipNext" and "SkipPrevious" in for the brackets in the "FullScreenVideo" section but it only aped the comma and full stop keys. Is there no way I can have the two buttons on my remote (which look like two arrows pointing to a vertical line) jump to the next/previous item in a playlist or the next/previous chapter? I could do it with XBMC on my XBOX and that's ancient!
  5. That was great help Chris and it sorted things for me. Thanks again.
  6. Flirc arrived today and I am having problems. I set up my 300i with the Panasonic profile and synced. I downloaded the latest version of Flirc and selected the XBMC controller. Some keys aren't working correctly though: 1. When I press the "Back" key it returns me to the main xbmc menu. During playback the main xbmc menu comes up superimposed on what is playing. I'd like it the way I had it with my xbox/wmc in that during playback it will jump backwards and at the main menu it will go back a screen. Is this possible with Flirc? Two commands really on the one key? 2. The "Guide" key on the Harmony works as I want it during playback but there's the same problem as above in that it doesn't bring up the context menu globally which it used to on my xbox. 3. The "Info" button works during playback but at the main menu it doesn't bring up the system info....normal behavior? 4. Lastly is it possible to have the coloured keys (red, blue, green and yellow) move between Videos, Music, Programs etc? Could you upload your config Chris if you have solved these problems and have it working as I've detailed? Also I think I might be going mad but I could have sworn Logitech added the option to adjust the inter key delay to the Harmony 300. I just can't find it at all now but I found it before without really looking for it if you know what I mean!
  7. Considering whether to buy a Flirc. At the moment I am using a HP USB IR Receiver. It does the job but I have to point the Harmony 300i almost directly at it before it will respond. Would the Flirc have a better range please? The device on the Harmony for controlling my Revo is Windows Media Center....are there any problems or issues I should know about with my setup and Flirc please? Many thanks for any help. :), Jason.
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