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  1. I have the same problem using regular Philips LCD TV remote. I was trying to save all the alternating key sequences I was suprised that there are no 2 alternat keys but 6 in one direction ?! Recorded Keys: Index hash key ----- --------- --- 0 BBE7956A left 1 7054A4FC left 2 2615C6E7 left 3 40ED702E left 4 31B46878 left 5 31B46791 left 6 54A5251E up 7 321D334 up 8 BBE79651 right 9 C58AD55E right 10 615BCA0B right 11 64F56ADE return 12 3288EA3B return 13 D811DF02 return 14 2615E4A7 down 15 BBE7B411 down 16 55B0A45E escape 17 D79315B4 escape 18 1556A861 escape 19 D793337B escape 20 2900AE98 escape Never the less the main problem is that flirc is somehow mixing the keys as for instance when I press left it is sometimes acting as right or return. As I am new flirc user I have never tried older firmwares before. I am open to downgrade FW and try that again where I can donwload the older FW ?
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