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  1. Hi Willie, I really appreciate your response. I actually finally got the "Back" (or "Return") button to work by mapping the "Esc" button on the Flirc Full Keyboard to the "Return" button ("U" shaped arrow) on the Harmony One. I am using the "Guide" button on the Harmony as the "Home" button as well as the LCD screen "Home" button. I recently "cut the cord" and needed the Harmony to seamlessly control TV and all Home Theater components. When watching broadcast or streaming programming, I am using the Fire Recast box for over the air local TV and FireTV for everything else. BTW, I had to update my old FireTV to a Fire Stick, in order to take advantage of some apps that were not supported on the 1st Gen FireTV. I didn't think it was possible to use a Flirc with a Fire Stick but I found this hack on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-vSwYeJd5fI&t=118s . It works! Thanks again for taking time to respond. Ron
  2. This has probably been covered many times before but I have looked and looked for the answer to this but I cannot find it. For quite a while my "Home" button was not working when using my Harmony One remote to control my FireTV. I have finally gotten around to try and fix it. I updated the firmware on the Flirc and download the FireTV device on my Harmony and all of the buttons including "Home" seem to be working except the "Back" button. Whenever I press this button on the Harmony, it seems to perform ""Pause" or "Select". Can someone please help or direct me to a post that covers this? Thanks, Ron
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