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  1. thanks for the replies. Sorry about the misspelling.
  2. Thanks for the sudo reboot. That is a good work around. I was aware of the "chrome" specific keyboards and their ability to reboot as being the only other way besides pushing the button on the chromebox itself. So this keyboard is sending out something to something??? and this signal is the solution. I believe I read somewhere a harmony can learn an ir signal from another device so maybe the harmony could copy this signal? Can the flirq copy this signal? EDIT>>> If you read all the comments in the gigacom thread they mention the refresh and power force reboot might corrupt local storage. I believe you can just long hold down the power key on the chrome keyboard and actually safely reboot.
  3. I have new asus chromebox m004u, hamony 650, logitech 830 keyboard I ordered a flirc today and have read a few posts about issues getting to developer screen to run chrome. The logitech 830 does do ctrl-d and works to get in to chrome os problem is the only way back to openelec is to shutdown SINCE THERE APPARENTLY IS NO RESTART ON A CHROMEBOX!!!!!!!!!!!...DIRECTED AT GOOGLE. 1. can flirq learn the ctrl-d from the logitech to boot to chrome os? If not I can live with using the keyboard. 2. can flirq somehow start the chromebox from being off...ie boot up NOT wake up. I know the chrome keyboards come with a power on button that will start the chromebox and I could "borrow" one if I needed to ...would that be a way???..have flirq learn the chrome keyboard boot up command. My chromebox is in a closet with all the other equipment so the only way I have been able to start it and get from chrome back to openelec is to shutdown then walk down the stairs to the basement and push the button on the side of the unit to power it back up. OR better yet this is only to go form chrome back to openelec...is there a keybopard commind to go back htat I missed? any help appreciated?
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