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  1. Hi With the settings I gave you, on my machine at least, pressing any button on the remote control will cause it to wake up, not just the power button. Are you sure you've got sleep detection turned on under the Advanced settings? If so, it might be possible that something is wrong with your USB power settings. Check in the Device Manager for the flirc device and make sure that it is allowed to wake your computer from sleep. The only other thing that it could be is that I'm using a flirc-se rather than the USB dongle - perhaps this is the difference? Cheers
  2. Hi, I got lots of double press issues with v1.3.6 of the GUI and v3.6 Firmware. I fixed the issues by going via EventGhost which (with a bit of work) allows you to manage things better (see ) The other thing you can try is to set the inter-key delay to 7 by using the command line tool. To do this you need to navigate to where your flirc GUI executable is stored and you'll see a flirc_utlil.exe program which you can execute from the command line. It will show the help summary if you just execute it with no commands; the inter-key delay will be amongst those options. Hope this hel
  3. Hi, I got it to work well by doing the following: - Under the Media Keys profile in the GUI, map your remote control power button to the power control on this profile - Enable sleep detection under the Advanced settings (File -> Advanced) It's worked perfectly for me using Flirc GUI v1.3.6 Good luck!
  4. I'd like to second the proposals given above. Setting up custom HID codes via the CLI is fine (), but it would be really useful to: 1) See a list of the currently programmed codes (even using the 'keys' switch and the CLI you get gibberish for custom HIDs, which doesn't help debugging) 2) See a full list of available HID codes that you can code into a flirc (noting the 2 byte limit), preferably in decimal as well as hex 3) Be able to code HID codes directly from the GUI. Avoiding the repeat presses would also be good, although as @yawor notes, we can get around this using his custo
  5. @yawor - sorry should have read your original post more closely. I've amended the post above. Thanks!
  6. I've now got this all working for my remote. Have a look here for my experiences
  7. Well it all seems to be working now, however I did need to make use of a hybrid solution. Here is the recipe I followed: Firmware: v3.6 with GUI v1.3.6 Advanced Settings: InterKey delay: 4 Noise Cancellation: Off Built in Profiles: On Sequence Modifiers: On Remember that for this remote you need to program each button twice because each button alternates IR signals on sequential presses. 1) Don't use the WMC profile in the GUI! 2) Go to the media keys profile and configure all of these buttons, for this remote it will leave pause, record, eject and a whole bunch of WMC
  8. Yes, it is all a bit strange. I did try a hybrid solution using EventGhost to put the media key inputs into WMC (via other unused keyboard shortcuts) and this worked. However EventGhost is a bit flakey and after a while it would start putting random extra 'U00' keystrokes into the keyboard plugin input, and so everything stops working until you restart EventGhost, so I can't use this as a 'production' solution. Anyway, I'll keep an eye on developments and keep testing new versions of the firmware - very happy to do some testing if that helps the overall development effort.
  9. Update to the above. I updated to the latest stable version (GUI v1.3.6 Firmware v3.6) and it is oh so nearly working perfectly - but not quite. The media keys (play, pause, skip forward, skip back, menu) all now work when watching TV/video - great. However to avoid double key presses while watching video/DVD I have to have the following advanced options set: - Sequence modifiers on - Built-in profiles off - Noise Cancellation on The problem is that having Noise Cancellation turned on makes the other keys quite sluggish outside of watching video. For example the skip forwar
  10. Ignore all this, it was EventGhost getting out of control - my error! ----------------------- Ditto here with a HP TSGH-IR07 remote on Windows 8.1 Pro with a flirc SE. I upgraded from 1.3.4 to 1.3.6 (going up from v2 to v3 firmware) and while now the skip and menu keys work with WMC (yay, thanks!!) I'm getting the double key presses nearly all the time. Setting the interkey delay doesn't seem to do much, but adding in the noise cancellation helps a bit. If I press the buttons *very* carefully I can manage a single key press, but obviously this is not ideal. All help gratef
  11. Hi There are various posts on this - this is the best discussion (and I think it is consistent with your problem) Essentially the flirc receiver doesn't seem to play nicely with WMC - it puts in the key presses but for some reason WMC doesn't pick it up (yet it works if you use a normal USB keyboard). So it is not the remote, but the receiver that seems to be the problem. It is on the list to be fixed, but I think the developers have been looking at this for some time:
  12. Remote being used HP TSGH-IR07 v1.3.6 GUI Pros + Good range and responsiveness + Keyboard mapping is great + USB makes it future-proof Cons - Took ages to get working with Windows Media Centre but now seems great, see here for my experiences - Doesn't seem to support multi tap (e.g. for using number keys to enter text) Overall A bit of a pain to setup (especially having to use EventGhost for some commands) but now seems to be working well
  13. Hi, Thanks for the reply The GUI actually won't let me turn "sequence modifiers" off - I switch it off and the next time I open the advanced settings it is back on again (v1.3.4 Win 8.1 Pro). Regarding the MCE problems, the key combinations "should" be the same (that is the way they are in all the documentation), but clearly there is something subtle going on which makes it not the case. I can't get any key combination to make it skip forward or back. As I noted above there is a long forum over an extended period going through these types of problems with MCE. I see that MCE fix
  14. PS I tried to upload the configuration file using both the advanced and simple attachment tool and in both cases it just said 'undefined' and didn't add anything - any clues?
  15. Hi, I have successfully set up my HP Windows Media Center RC6 Remote Control (TSGH-IR07) using the flirc se for use with Media Centre on Windows 8.1. Configuration file is attached. I'm using the firmware associated with the current stable GUI (1.3.4) Not all the buttons are programmed (Visualisation, Print, Radio and Eject), but the wake and shutdown has. All the keys are double coded because each button produces two different IR blasts on subsequent presses. A key thing when getting this setup was never to use the erase button. There is one major gremlin though. While the c
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