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  1. Hi, I have two problems with my flirc. 1.) I often get multiple key presses (the key hangs until i press an other key) when I only press one key on the remote (One for All Simple 4). I already tried to play around with the interkeydelay. It gets better with a long delay but is not completely solved. (Firmware 3.8) 2.) Then I tried to record the keys again in flirc but always when I try to record a key it states immediately that a key is recorded but I did not press any key. I think this happens after a firmware update. I tried it on two windows pc's in two rooms. I also set the noice canceller feature but then I am not able to record any keys with the remote. I am not sure what changed because in the past I was able to record a key. Maybe the problem 1 is resulting from problem 2 that the flirc picks up a lot of ghost commands? Or maybe it is defect? Thanks in advance for your help, Stefan
  2. Hi, Don't ask me what I have changed but it works now. :) Thanks for your help, Stefan
  3. Hi, I just tried to use my Harmony One to control XMBC on a Windows machine. My problem is that only every second button press works. I am using the Flirc XBMC Harmoy profile. Please help. Thanks, Stefan
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