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  1. I am sorry. I wish I could tell you it was resolved. I never could get it to work properly, so I abandoned it (Flirc) and went with a different solution (purchased a different remote that came with its own IR receiver).
  2. Yes, I have tried changing to a variety of different types of devices beyond the Panasonic DVD and get similar inconsistent results. According to the instructions that came with it, one remote is Universal Electronics Atlas OCAP 5-Device Remote Control. The other that I have tried that has the same behavior is "CLIKR-5" by Universal Remote Control model #UR5U-8780L. I tried to attach a picture to this post but it doesn't seem to be attaching properly.
  3. Chris, Thank you for the reply and suggestion. I tried adjusting up and down the inter-key delay and the situation hasn't improved. Just as a specific example of what I am seeing is that I just cleared the configuration, recording 1-9, went to notepad and tested. I pressed the 1 button on the remote 4 times (pausing a second or so between each press). I ended up with "31132" showing. Yes, that is 5 digits when I only pressed the button 4 times. The 4th press gave me both 3 and 2. It is possesed! Again it seems to just be these Time Warner DVR remotes that do this. Very weird.
  4. I am trying to use my Time Warner Cable provided remote (for DVR) to control my Windows Media Center PC. I can get Flirc to learn the remote codes without any issue. The problem is that when I try to test the remote I get very inconsistent results. For example, using Notepad and testing with the number keys on the remote I sometimes get the correct number to show up, sometimes nothing shows up, and usually a totally different number shows up (ex. press "2" on the remote and "8" shows up, press it again "9" shows up, press it again nothing shows up, press it again and "2" shows up). I am using the latest firmware (3.5). I have spent many hours trying to figure out why it doesn't work right trying all different types of things, but still no luck. I have tried some other remotes (like my Panasonic DVD remote) and they all work perfect. The problem is I really like the Time Warner Cable remote (Atlas is the model) because all of its keys (DVR/TV focused) really match up well with the functions of Windows Media Center. I even have a couple of the Time Warner remotes that I got at different times and are different models (but similar) and both give the same inconsistent results. The Time Warner remote is a multi-device remote so I have tried things like putting it in is DVD mode and setting it to the same codes used by my Panasonic DVD player (one of the remotes that works perfectly with Flirc), train Flirc, use notepad to test and get similar inconsistent results. I am about to give up and just buy one of the Media Center Remotes with IR receivers on e-bay. Here is how I am training and testing it. If I am doing something wrong, please tell me! 1. Clear the Flirc configuration so I start with a blank slate 2. Use Full Keyboard to train it 3. Select "1" on the keyboard 4. Press "1" on the remote 5. Flirc gives me success message 6. Do steps 3-5 over and over for keys 2-9. 7. Open notepad 8. Test my remote by pressing the number keys. Doing the above with my Panasonic DVD remote the numbers work perfect all the time. Doing it with my Cable DVR remote - it is incredible inconsistent like described above. I get the same inconsistent results with different buttons like play, fast forward, etc. It is just easiest to test number keys in Notepad versus testing in WMC.
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