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  1. Anyone have any ideas on figureing out this issue? I know this is a problem with a specific remote, but I have to imagine that the signal is very close for the numbers that overlap. Any tools I can load on my PC to look at them?
  2. I just bought the FLIRC to control my Windows Media Center PC connected to a Vizio TV. I am trying to use my Vizio VUR10 remote with the FLIRC, but when I try to program the remote I get some keys that the FLIRC thinks are already programmed. http://www.amazon.com/VIZIO-Remote-Control-VUR10-0980-0306-0005/dp/B0044Y2ATC (Note: I use Bluetooth to control the TV functions, and have a separate device setup on my TV for FLIRC to intercept the IR codes) The simplest example is the number keys - I can record "2", but when I try to record "3" the FLIRC GUI complains that it's already recorded. If I use the buttons, I notice that pressing "2" or "3" seems to be recognized as the same key by the FLIRC. I have the same problem with "5" and "6", "8" and "9". Anyone have a similar issue? What's my next steps to getting this remote programmed/recorded? Thanks in advance!
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