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  1. Thanks Chris! I will give that a shot. My main issue is the Power Off. Flirc is not recognizing my Harmony's main Off button at the top of the remote. I think this is an issue with the Harmony though.
  2. I want to add to this discussion. Here is my setup, XBMC on Ubuntu 14.04 & Harmony 890. The problem I have with using the software to map buttons to the harmony remote is this; when I try to map "Power Off" (I have it mapped to the "E" button on my remote using my Harmony software per the recommendation) on my remote to the Flirc using the Flirc software, the software detects Power Off as "Period". Period is already mapped in Keyboard.xml to "SkipNext". Since the keymapping for the Flirc is hardcoded and cannot be edited by myself. I also don't like to edit keyboard.xml as it gets overwritten on upgrades, so essentially it stays as <period>SkipNext</period> and conflicts with my keymapping. Am I missing something here? I agree that the Flirc profile for XBMC should be rewritten to work according to the keyboard.xml and eliminate workarounds and instead allow for customizations. Workarounds and customizations are not the same and show that the Flirc still has a ways to go to be as advertised. Thank you, Brad
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