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  1. Thanks a lot guys. I understand you are having a hard time finding the time, and my post wasn't meant as a critique. I wasn't aware that I had to download the GUI to get the latest firmware, thought it checked online - that's my bad, sorry about that. The good thing is that it's working perfectly now, so big thumbs up! :)
  2. Hi, A couple of months ago I bought a Flirc-SE for the added functionality of powering on and off my HTPC. While I believe the feature should have been available by the time of purchase, I have waited patiently for a firmware update (not beta fw), which should add this functionality. However, as it appears it is not yet available, I kindly ask what the timeframe is? I know the feature is there in beta firmware, but I am not happy about having to use potentially buggy/unstable firmware, or even risking to brick the unit, just to get a feature I paid for :( I know it is tough to do this as a free-time job for 1 guy, but I feel like this product shouldn't have been released until it was more ready. If, for some reason I overlooked the inclusion of this feature, I am sorry. I am running firmware 3.3, but when forcing FW update through the GUI, it tells me that 3.3 is the latest firmware version. I believe it's a great product, but I'm getting frustrated by the lack of this advertised feature.
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