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  1. Hello yawor. I've just created the xml file, pasted what you posted and it works, it exactly what i wanted :D Now the center key works as an OK key while I'm navigation the menus, and as play/pause when I'm watching something. The only thing left now is to open the menu while I'm watching, as the enter key was the one responsible for that function. In the Flirc software, there is no Open Menu key so I can bind. You said something about using the M key in order to do it, but how do I bind the Menu key in my remote to the M key, so I can open the menu when I press it? Do i need to edit the XML file further? Best regards and thanks for your time :) EDIT Forget it, I can choose the Full Keyboard option from the Controllers menu and then bind a key to the M key. Everything works as I wanted, thank you very much for your support, this product is so well thought :D By the way yawor, the Flirc forum is suffering from the IPB redirect exploit --> http://blog.sucuri.net/2015/02/analyzing-malicious-redirects-in-the-ip-board-cms.html? Every time I do a Google search and click the Flirc search result it redirects me for that filestore321. Regards.
  2. Hello. First, I've installed Flirc in Windows 8.1 and I'm using Kodi 14. So my Flirc unit arrived today, and after setting it up I noticed something, it's only possible to bind a key to a specific function, for instance, this is the remote I'm currently using (the remote of my Android box): So as you can see from the picture above, the remote has one key which has three functions in my Android box: Play, Pause and OK (for instance, if I open the XBMC menu, that key will automatically be the OK key). The problem is when using Flirc software for mapping keys on XBMC, I can only map that key to a specific function, let's say, pause (and it works as resume as well), but I really want that key to work as in my Android box, as Play, Pause, and OK key. Is it possible to map it that way? Best regards.
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