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  1. I wrote to Jason on Friday but I didn't get any reply, could you please confirm I can order directly from your store with direct shipping to Spain?
  2. Thank you, I sent a message to Jason.
  3. I live in Spain and I see in the cart that if not in US I have to pourchase from a reseller: the cheaper one is ModMyPi with 40,5€ but I see now that it's also possible to specify Spain in your store and, with the "USPS Flat Rate International" total is 29,5$ (more or less 24€) that is definitely cheaper than ModMyPi and PiSupply. My questions are: it's possible to buy from your shop having the direct delivery to Spain? How many days with "USPS Flat Rate International" (becouse it's not specified)? I have to buy many Flirc, so the cost difference could be important. Many thanks.
  4. Perfect, now it totally clear. I'm going to buy it from modmypi (I live in Europe). Thank you
  5. Thanks for the reply. I understand the first two points, but I would like to ask you a little more on the third one, becouse I'm totally new to Flirc: what do you mean by "No button is recorded to the wake key in flirc"? If I would like to wake up the PC from S3 or S4 mode, using for example the "MENU" button of the Apple remote, I suppose I should record that button IR code (inside the Flirc configuration software) in order Flirc can wake up the PC when that IR code is listened, right? maybe the "No button" was intended for "That specific button"? sorry but is not clear to me
  6. With the Flirc IR receiver could be possible to wake up a PC (windows 7 x64) from a S3 / S4 hibernation mode by pressing the center button of the Apple silver remote?
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