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  1. fixed it me self. turned the repeat to 1 not 0 but it was at 3 and only doubling so i figured i would try 1 first got that double channel done seems to be working fine now after deleting the devices and their drivers from device manager then rebooting pc it then re installed drivers and i was good to go. this can be closed now edit also i had gotten the other gui in the beta forum and installed firmware 3.4 on it
  2. update. Removed devices and uninstalled drivers from device manager that seemed to help now i have double skipping going on i hit arrow buttons and it goes twice over etc..... also trying to figure out if keyboard and wmc mode are overlaid as in i program a button in the keyboard ctrl-g for guide and then buttons in windows media portion and both layouts are overlaid and work? like when i did everything from keyboard it was extremely sluggish. now im getting skipping etc hit right once it goes twice
  3. running windows 7 x64 6gb ram 120gb ssd 5tb hdd phenom II BE x4 cpu windows media center and some other media server hostings . it was working prior to firmware upgrade, at end of upgrade it said i would have to reprogram did that and zip zilch zero nada
  4. I have tried to re program numerous times absolutely nothing happens in WMC the flirc ui says recorded even when i try to re record says its already done nothing good happening for me absolutely nothing i wish i hadnt touched the firmware upgrade button
  5. I dont have any idea what happened i got my flirc in the mail 1 day delivery wasnt cheap but paid it anyway to have it. Got it working was expecting a little more customization anyway figured out how to use windows media center and keyboard shortcuts as the media center doesnt have a "guide" button record button and figured hey lets add alt tab to the mix as well. well had it working for the most part but it was very slow so i said hey i saw something about firmware upgraded and has been a pile of junk not working at all since cannot get it to do anything in windows media center have tried multiple device coding for my harmony remote its just not getting it even did the whole "samsung" thing made sure it wasnt a pulse issue IM totally lost what to do now tried the zadig thing that didnt fix squat i did notice for some reason it (windows) has a digital media renderer that is listed in devices with un installed drivers ever since this but it doesnt show up in zadig what to do next is beyond me
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