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  1. Thank you wayneg, i finally got the movement of it working right. I was under the impression that you could only use one remote on the flirc. As in only firetv or full keyboard or xbmc. I wasnt aware you could assign different key presses from different controllers on the flirc!
  2. Wayneg, how did you add extra xbmc commands while maintaining the Amazon fire TV commands?
  3. With the Harmony 1100, it uses the old program to program it and not the web based one like the newer remotes. I dont remember seeing that option under there, i will look into it and double check, I saw amazons but not Flirc. Thank you Jason for your fast reply!!!
  4. So quick run down on what im working with: Harmony 1100 Fire TV + Flirc Pioneer Receiver for surround. So I received my flirc, at first had updating issues, but resolved them by following the support page. So now after have it set up the Fire tv option in the GUI and messing with interdelay keys, i can not for the love of anything get this thing to work right. I have to double/triple press a the keys most of the time, the down key acts as an up key. I have messed with both the remotes interdelays and the flircs interdelays. I set up a microsoft MCE remote to learn from, but i just realized its been messing with my xbox 360 i have right above the firetv. Does anyone recommend a different remote I can learn from? Im excite to have my remote be able to control it, but I need to figure out these issues. Ive tried searching on google and here for people with this issue, but there is no direct answer to this. Thank you guys very much in advance for any help!
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