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  1. Ah, ok.

    I thought, there is a possibility to allow PWS-triggering and action sending in parallel, just by a small firmware change.

    No problem at all. I can try to execute a shell script, which will be executed on power button press.

    I only asked, because the previous Streacom model worked just this way.


    Nevertheless, thank you for your effort. Under the line: Flirc is a great product!


    Best regards

  2. That's true.


    This was just an example.

    So capturing the acpi-signal is possible and makes it possible to start Kodi.

    The problem here is the idea of leading Kodi to show the Shutdown Dialog via acpi-Signal Event.

    A common remote-Signal would do the job.


    So maybe I'm wrong, but currently, you do the following in the firmware:

    1. Check if IR-Hash is linked to "power".
    2. If so: Trigger the PWS circuit on the streacom module.
    3. Else: Emit signal as "Key_..." to the system

    My idea is to perform step 3 in any case:

         3. Emit signal as "Key_..." to the system


    Best regards

  3. Great job for enabling the PWS-Triggering even in 'System running mode'.


    Is it also possible to send the KEY_POWER signal to the input device.

    This would make possible the following setup:


    System off: Turn system on.

    System on:

             Kodi off: Turn Kodi on.

             Kodi on: Open Kodis Exit/Shutdown window


    With current setup this would be very difficult.


    This is just a 'nice to have', but could be interesting for other users as well.


    Best regards

  4. It works now with assigned 'power' and these settings:

     sleep detection:  Enabled
     noise canceler:   Disabled
     inter-key delay:  3
     seq. modifiers:   Disabled
     state:            0
     builtin profiles: Disable


    Thank you for your help so far.


    But it works only within S5. In the running system, the button assigned with 'power' is without function.

    Could you implement 'power'-key emitting in the next firmware version?


    Best regards


  5. Thank you for your fast answers!


    There is power on the flirc. I used the previous Streacom IR-Receiver on the same port yesterday and it worked (Boot from 'power off').

    Additionally: I test the "Power switch state" on running system via event handling. No reaction as well. The event works, when I press the power button manually.


    I can assign the 'wake' button, but when I press it, I get no feedback.

    Neither in Flirc ('wake' does not turn green, when I press the assigned button) nor via mentioned event setup.


    Do you have any further hint?


    Thank you so far.




    I can 'cat' the incoming events (cat /dev/input/by-id/usb-flirc.tv_flirc-event-kbd). There is no event coming from the device when I press the 'wake'-assigned button.

    Does the 'wake' command just toggle the pws-circuit?


    Edit 2:

    My settings:

    $ flirc_util settings
    flirc_util version v1.3.4 [v1.3.4]
      Firmware: v3.5 [E793D969]
      sleep detection:  Enabled
      noise canceler:   Enabled
      inter-key delay:  3
      seq. modifiers:   Enabled
      state:            0
      builtin profiles: Enable
    Memory Info:
      keys recorded:  41
      keys remaining: 128
      memory used:   32%
    Recorded Keys:
    Index  hash        key
    -----  ---------   ---
        0  EDF0129A    up
        1  211D0B13    left
        2  6ED0105A    down
        3  88159E1A    right
        4  1D91CCA8    return
        5  15AABAC9    escape
        6  B09E357D    1
        7  62EB3036    2
        8  E3CB2DF6    3
        9  961828AF    4
       10  FD10BBB6    5
       11  AF5DB66F    6
       12  303DB42F    7
       13  E28AAEE8    8
       14  3817D976    9
       15  EA64D42F    0
       16  23DA0DEF    F1
       17  2BB43336    F3
       18  718D1336    F4
       19  A30A70C9    F2
       20  DB5F6AA8    F5
       21  7967387D    F6
       22  3B3E783D    F7
       23  6ED8DEC9    F8
       24  33051561    F9
       25  B7B75828    F10
       26  3CE0C282    F11
       27  4139DF28    F12
       28  FCB67A68    pageup
       29  63AF0D6F    pagedown
       30  BB9EF98B    l
       31  763FB561    p
       32  510325E8    r
       33  88EB9CE8    f
       34  C3F2BAA8    s
       35  6FA60F28    b
       36  3C7916AF    n
       37  EEC61168    m
       38  96DC05E8    a
       39  21F309E1    d
       40  15FC0828    wake
  6. Hello,


    I've buyed the Streacom version of Flirc.

    Unfortunately I cannot get the power toggle to work.

    It is described in the changelog under


    • [fw] support for streacom power toggle


    May someone describe me, how to set it up?


    I test it in two ways:

    1. The common method: Shutdown PC and trying to start it via configured button.
    2. By setting up the button event handling 'When power button pressed'. After that: I check if the assigned event is emitted.


    I tested the assigned button commands 'Power','Wake' and 'Suspend'.


    'Suspend' just lets my System run into hibernate (and only wakes up from there).


    Best regards


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