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  1. Just completing the info provided by nitewulf and SometingSomethingDarkSide. BACK | ESC <- it was said to be Backspace but it is ESC I am trying to map the Search key. However as already stated by nitewulf there are 2 differet behaviours: - Global Voice Search: WIN. I can program this, but I don't want this one. - In App Voice Search: Search (on his Logitech K400r). This Search button I guess it corresponds with the Virtual Key for Browse Search. Altough I have been reading the forums and discover that I can chose some codes from the page 12 by using the flirc_util.exe record_api DEC_CODE 102, I cannot figure out which code I should enter here. I tried with KeyEvent Display application in nVidia, and I can see that the "shield" button or "voice search" corresponds to the code 84 (AKEYCODE_SEARCH) https://developer.android.com/ndk/reference/keycodes_8h.html that corresponds with the Search function on nitewulf's keyboard. But I cannot find out how to map this key in flirc. Are Virtual KeyCodes (https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/desktop/dd375731(v=vs.85).aspx) allowed to be programmed in flirc? If so, how do they fit in the table? http://www.freebsddiary.org/APC/usb_hid_usages.php
  2. I have tested S4 by using another application called AnyMote. I was able to program Flirc with a random remote chosen inside it. And control Kodi with it. I have to admit that not all the keys from all the remotes that are inside AnyMote are suitable to be recorded by Flirc. Some keys have more problems than others. The official application in S4 I haven't tested it.
  3. Thanks I will try that one with the interkey. ZoomIn/Out are two special keys that can be found in some keyboards with extra keys like: - multimedia keys: play, ffwd, rewd, stop - Open Browser, open music, open email - Go Home, Go Back, Zoom In, Zoom Out I am sure that you have seen one of those keyboards at some point. The standy I do it just following your instructions on one of these forums (I cannot remember which one, I read several). I map the "power" button from the multimedia profile in flirc to one of the remote keys.In my case, the power button. :-) Unfortunately it doesn't trigger a CEC command to send a shutdown command to all the connected devices, but it is enough like this. [EDIT] I tested the interkey_delay set to 6. But my understanding from this post https://flirc.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/201366933-Double-Key-Presses is that if I want to get multiple key presses I have to reduce it to 0. My problem is that I press the button for long and it does send only 1 press. However 0 or 6 didn't make any difference. And I have observed, after switching on the fireTV that sometimes it takes around 30seconds for flirc to start taking the signals properly. E.g. I switch on the unit, and I press right arrow. It doesn't do anything in the next 15-45 seconds. I let it be and then....yes, it works again normally. Is this familiar to anybody?
  4. I just wanted to share some experience with Flirc since I attached to my fireTV. 1. I had a lot of problems after flashing the device to the v3.5. For example, the not detected key every two presses. Or taking long to detect them and then suddenly execute all the buttons extremely quickly. However, I got rid of them with the following settings: C:\Program Files (x86)\Flirc>flirc_util.exe settings flirc_util version v1.3.4 [v1.3.4+] Firmware: v3.5 [77E94DBB] Settings: sleep detection: Disabled noise canceler: Disabled inter-key delay: 3 seq. modifiers: Disabled state: 0 builtin profiles: Disable 2. I was playing with my riitek i13 that is an IR remote control with RF keyboard, and I realized that the following keys are mapped as follows: - Home button -> ZoomOut for the browser, multimedia key - Microphone -> ZoomIn for the browser I do not know if that is specific of my configuration, because I have a Xposed Module and a rooted fireTV, but my feeling is that it is common configuration. If somebody could confirm it that would be great. Now I am just missing the continuous key press, as if I keep the key pressed it should repeat the key and I don't have to press it multiple times. I am sure that by changing the settings I disabled that by mistake, but I couldn't find any guide about what are the settings for. Questions: ------------- a. Is there any guide that explains what do the different settings do? b. Can you confirm that the ZoomIn / ZoomOut trigger these functionalities? Thanks a lot for this piece of hardware! as now I can even set to standby my fireTV, something that I couldn't do before with the fireTV remote, and I can control my volume and assign different keys to my setup. [EDIT] Btw, it is the noise canceler the one that makes the detection of only one every two presses.
  5. Riitek i13. That's the one I use, but you have to program it, learn the IR codes from other remotes. And afterwards you can program Flirc. It can learn up to 8 remotes. And on the back you got a full keyboard but that one uses 2.4 as your mele.
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