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  1. Yep, it says Bootloader v2.0 (in the bottom left corner of the flirc app window), though it cuts half the 0 off so I can't tell if there's anything after that.
  2. I bought a flirc only a few days ago, and I've been having issues with suspend. Sometimes, when I bring the laptop out of suspend, the flirc will appear as "bootldr" in the device manager. In these cases I wasn't able to wake the laptop with the ir remote, so it looks as though something is going wrong with the flirc while the laptop is asleep. When this happens, opening the flirc program usually fixes things - it says "detected bootloader", a progress bar appears and once it's done the flirc pops back into the device manager. I have had a few situations where it didn't recover properly (it claimed that firmware v16.-16 was installed!), but forcing a firmware update fixed that. Other times it will be fine after suspending - in these cases I'm able to wake the laptop with the remote. There seems to be a correlation where shorter suspend times are usually fine, but leaving it for a couple of hours or overnight cause it to appear as the bootldr when resuming. I've done a bit of troubleshooting based on the other threads I've read here: * selective suspend is disabled * can't see any bios settings related to usb devices - "allow usb devices to wake the computer" is enabled * I've played around with the "sleep detection" toggle, but I'd like to be able to wake the laptop with the remote and disabling the toggle prevents this Anyone have any suggestions for things to try or debugging steps? Cheers. Relevant details: Dell laptop (2011ish) running Windows 7 64-bit. Flirc is connected directly (no hub) and using a sony TV remote control. Running v3.5 firmware and v1.3.4 of the app.
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