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  1. Hi! Any chance to get this "function" done? Thx.
  2. Configure one remote key to enable/disable flirc inputs -> This key would set a flag to 0 or 1. if (flag = 0) and (IR_KEY is "remote key to enable/disable") Set Flag to 1 else if (flag = 1) and (IR_KEY is "remote key to enable/disable") Set Flag to 0 else if flag = 1 then all IR keys accepted else do nothing; Easy, don't you think? :P
  3. Hi! How about this feature? It passed 5-6 weeks :P
  4. Next week I will receive a FLIRC usb dongle. I thought on/off was legacy supported. :( My remote only has "TV function", not DVD/SAT so being able to turn on/off FLIRC would be very important for me. Awaiting FLIRC and an update to "improve" this. Thanx.
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