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  1. Hi there, I recieved my Flirc a few days ago. Setup took some time, but everything works great, and love the flexibility! But i seem to have on problem. I cannot shutdown or start my Linux mint PC with the remote. What i did do already is make a keymap with "alt-s" to shutdown the pc. That works. Also mapped that key in flirc gui to power off on the remote. (not the off button, but a soft button). That works fine to. Then i mapped the "wake" button to poweron on the remote. That also works fine. Now the part that does not work. If i press the "off" button on my remote, everything shuts down exept my PC. if i then (on the remote) go to my pc and then klik the power off soft button, then it shutsdown. The same thing goes for the power on part. So if i click my activitie "kodi" it will start everything except my pc. If i then (on the remote) go to my pc and then klik the power on soft button, then it start. I already tryed mapping the öff button to the wake key, but that is not possible. ALso tryed to change the starting order in my harmony. No succes. I hope someone can help, cause this is really frustrating and i feel like i am missing something. Thanx! and keep up the good work!
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