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  1. Sorry for necroposting, but this seems like the definitive post on the topic. It really would be great if this could be supported. Even if it's just a setting in the advanced menu to "recognise as USB keyboard" so it's up to the user to face whatever consequences there may be. I'd love to use it with grub!
  2. Thanks for the response! I was sitting very close. However, I've just tried clearing the config and recording from a couple of metres away, and it exhibits the same behaviour. I'll keep my fingers crossed that Jason can do something, but for now I'll have a hunt around for another remote I can salvage.
  3. I just got my Flirc. The remote I'm trying is for a Pioneer DVD Recorder DVR 520H. Its known as the VXX2910, an image (taken from Amazon) is attached: If I record one button - "up" - it's fine. I then try "left", and I get "button already exists". Same for "right". Same for "1", same for "2" etc. I've attached my fcfg config: my_flirc_config.fcfg I'm recording it on Windows 7 x64, with the intention of then using it on a headless Linux system. Tried suggestions I've seen around the forums, such as disabling built-in profiles, (attempting to) adjusting the sensitivity. Firmware came as 3.1, tried updating it to 3.5 but that hasn't helped. Any ideas? Thanks!
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