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  1. Well, as happens so often, right after I posted I put my brain in gear and solved my problem! I used the MyHarmony app to map the 'contextmenu' function to the 'menu' button and as expected that brings up the menu I was looking for. All is well! Best regards, Rich ======================= Richard Kleinhenz beautifulhandmadepens.com =======================
  2. Hi, I am not sure this is the right place to ask, but who knows. Maybe it is a keymapping issue! I am running KODI (XBMC). I can't find a way to delete from library. If I use keyboard/mouse, I can right-mouse-button click on a title and I get a popup menu that contains manage from where I can delete. Is it possible to map a key on the remote to act like RMB? Appreciate any help! Best regards, Rich
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