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  1. These keys are definitely not working properly for me on my Harmony: Play (does nothing) Page Up (performs an arrow up) Page Down (performs an arrow down) Skip Forward (performs fast forward) Skip Backward (performs rewind) CodecInfo (does nothing -- supposed to be the black CPU overlay while playing video, "o" on keyboard) NextAudioTrack (does nothing) NextSubtitle (does nothing) Actually for points 4 & 5 I can't even make these work right with the flirc programmable software, using any of the profiles. It always either does a jump or a fast forward, rather than a skip to next track. Are there any other broken keybinds? Can this just be fixed in firmware so I don't have to manually bind all my remotes as a workaround? It's great in the Harmony software that there are so many presets, too bad they don't all work. On OpenElec 5.0.0 Kodi & latest 3.5 flirc firmware, no indication from devs when a firmware update might be available. Some transparency would be great here. Crucial functionality missing from what would otherwise be a really simple & useful setup!
  2. OK solved it... That was the exact symptom I had, but doing the above didn't fix anything. As mentioned in another thread, THIS is what you have to do: https://flirc.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/200712568-Logitech-Harmony-Remotes Setting up the Flirc profile in Harmony software resolved all the strange issues I was having. Basically I replaced my old "Media Center PC" profile with a new "Flirc / XBMC" profile. Doesn't fix the inherent harmony remote lag, but it actually is the snappiest I've seen it so far, so seems good to me. Not sure what triggered off the difference between 3.4 to 3.5, but glad it is resolved now.
  3. This fixed all my issues with Flirc + Harmony. Didn't realize Logitech's software had that profile. edit: well, most of my issues, see below...
  4. I think that article will fix what I need. It seems like an issue in flirc firmware 3.5 that didn't occur in 3.4 Does the Harmony 650 have the same lag/issues as the 550? I find the input delay to be annoying (harmony problem). Again I ask, when is a fixed firmware update planned for release? Seeing as there is no way to downgrade? :angry:
  5. I tried setting this to 0 in Harmony, as well as setting interkey to 5 in Flirc, and unfortunately it does not have any effect with my Harmony 550 using Media Center PC profile. It basically ignores every other key press. I am disappointed to say the least. I feel like this is an extremely common remote control that people have. What is the reference to pre 3.x configurations? When I upgraded from 3.4 to 3.5, my config got wiped and restoring my saved config wouldn't work. It would honestly be easier to plug in my old IR receiver than to be bothered tweaking this device to an even baseline workable state, I feel it is not worth the frustration already. <_< It seemed that firmware 3.4 worked at least somewhat more consistently than 3.5, but where is the documentation on how to revert firmware to an older one?
  6. This is not a bug report thread. Rather I want to mention some of the MANY issues I've had with Flirc and the software. I was recommended I buy this device by a friend and have had nothing but problems for weeks, with no dev fixes. Here is a list of some of the issues I've had. Please do not move this thread to the bug report forum as it needs some exposure. Firmware 3.5 has rendered my Logitech Harmony remote UNUSABLE (misses button clicks, double button clicks). No way to revert to earlier firmware versions provided in your software. Not documented anywhere. Updating firmware wipes out your config WITHOUT WARNING. Backing up your config, and restoring config after firmware update DOES NOT WORK. Clearing out config BROKEN, many random buttons have to be erased manually. 3.4 and 3.5 firmwares have massive key repeat issues, already tried all the supposed fixes, nothing works and the problem is even worse in 3.5 as compared to 3.4. Seriously, how about some quality control? When can we expect an update? Been stuck for weeks now. Please, if anyone is experiencing similar issues, mention your frustrations with dealing with them here as a means to a resolve.
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