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  1. Thanks that Thanks! I had to figure I had to run it as Administrator but it worked. It's not perfect, meaning you can only switch on the pc, to turn it off I still need to go trough another button and Kodi shutdown menu, but I can definitely live with it. Would you know if there is anyway to configure the a dvd eject button? Thanks, Fab
  2. Expanding on this topic (power on/off). I have a Streacom FC8 Evo case with a dedicated internal FLIRC module which should allow power on/off of the pc thorugh remote if the motherboard supports USB power in S5 state. I have set in my mobo bios the option to charge usb devices even when the pc is in S5 state and correctly setup the internal flirc module to route the power switch thorugh it before it reaches the mobo, however when the pc is off pushing any button on the remote does nothing. It's there a special mapping should I be doing in Flirc application for this to happen or something else I'm missing? Thanks. Fab Found the solution--- Either wait for new firmware 3.4 or try my luck with RC... I don't fell very adventurous, I'll wait a stable 3.4 Thanks again.
  3. Thanks guys, problem solved! Great support! :) :) :)
  4. Thanks to both, :) I managed to figure out that I needed to record each button twice, I got confused because some buttons (e.g. power) give the message that the button already exists. Once you push "Redo" the application doesn't actually tells you if it did overwrite the previous entry and it remains in recording mode until another button to map is selected or Cancel on the dialog is clicked. I'm actually not sure if the button is mapped one or two times in the end, I think some additional feeback message on the application would be useful for future versions. Thanks for the help. Fab
  5. I've selected XBMC profile and recorded Power button, nothing happens in Kodi 14.0 when the button is pressed. Tried same thing on Xbox 360 MCE remote and on generic MCE remote, same deal. Any help much appreciated. Thanks, Fab
  6. This is listed as a possible solution for XBMC MCE remotes problem: "Every Second Key Press Doesn't Work", but it does not explain how to do that. Thanks in advance for any help. Fab
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