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  1. The new Flirc FireTV Harmony Profile does still NOT solve the issue of the Harmony sending multiple commands!


    The back button is fine now but the Direction up, down etc. are all sending multiple commands on occasion now!


    Still more work to be done on this I think...

  2. a Flirc FireTV profile will be added to the harmony database and a firmware image will be released that has these keys pre-pared.

    I see this Flirc FireTV profile has already been added in the Harmony Software as I just had a look and was able to set up a new device using it.


    So this should stop the Harmony remote sending commands twice or do we need to wait for the Flirc Firmware update as well?

  3. Yes, I keep asking people to be a little patient. A flirc, firetv will be added to harmony in the next day or so. But even if you didn't have a harmony, it will work with any remote.

    When you say it will be added to Harmony do you mean in the Harmony setup software or in the Flirc Setup software?

  4. Two things, when you upgrade to 3.5, did you guys re-record the back key? If you recorded before 3.5, it's not going to work, which maybe  what you are seeing.


    Also, maybe you can grab your phone and upload a video to youtube. That has helped greatly in the past.

    I have cleared the whole configuration for the Flirc each time I have tried before setting the whole thing up again and I have also now tried with the Interkey setting in the Flirc Software at every setting from 0-6 and none fix the problem!


    I can upload a video but it is not really going to tell you much more then what I have described: When I press the Prev button on my Harmony remote in something like XBMC which is set to the Back button on the FireTV config in Flirc it sends the command twice most of the time so instead of backing up one screen it backs up 2 screens!

    Showing you this on a video will just be exactly as I described in words.


    The next thing I will try is to map the Back button to a different key on the Harmony remote (Maybe the Menu button) and see what results come in for that, this does though point to an issue with the Flirc as I have had this Remote for years and it currently controls 8 devices and not once before have I had an issue with it sending a command twice to any device besides the Flirc...

  5. I don't know what is going on anymore. You mentioned you are using the flirc xbmc profile in harmony. But then you mentioned you are recorded the keys with the Firetv controller. So I don't know what's actually getting sent to flirc anymore.

    Oh, I thought it was clear but I guess not so I will try to explain:


    - In the Harmony Software I setup a device with the following profile: Media Center > Flirc > XBMC

    - I then open the Flirc Software and use the FireTV controller view in the Software  and record all the keys from the Harmony remote to the Flirc.


    Does that make it clear?

  6. This isn't the case. I would re-record buttons using my amazon firetv controller view. The buttons for XBMC Don't match at all.

    I'm working on getting a harmony firetv-flirc profile.

    I am using the FireTV Controller View setting in the Flirc Config software.


    I am not sure what you mean by the XBMC buttons don't match?


    If the ParentFolder command is not the right one to send from the Harmony then can you please tell me what is?

  7. With Harmony remotes, I'm 99.6364% sure you want a low value inter-key delay to keep the IR command from repeating.  Try setting it to the lowest or second to lowest number.



    In the Harmony Remote Configuration I have Interkey Delay set to 0 so I cant go any lower then that and I still have the problem.


    Or do you mean set the Interkey Delay in the Flirc settings to 0?

  8. couldn't reproduce it, mine is working fine. It's gotta be a setting. How are you doing back? There is no xbmc back button?


    Back is set to the "Prev" button on the Harmony Remote and that in turn is invoking the "ParentFolder" command.

    This does give me the Back functionality throughout the FireTV but it sends the command twice more then 50% of the time.

    Is ParentFolder the correct command to send?


    I will wipe the Flirc configuration fully again and re-set it up and let you know with Interkey Delay of 6 as the last time I only changed the Interkey setting without a clean wipe.

  9. I have a Harmony 525 and have set it up using the Flirc -> XBMC profile in the Harmony Software and everything works ok except for the remote seems to be sending 2 commands on occasion when it should only send 1 particularly for the Back command!


    I have tried the fix that another poster has mentioned here: https://flirc.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/202819236 and reduced the setting to 0 but it does not seem to make any difference...


    Are there any other fixes for this?


    Also might the Inter Key Delay in the Flirc Software under Advanced help with this as well?

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