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  1. This device is junk. I have stopped using it because there has been no improvement in anything since 3.6 and development is non-existant. Don't worry I will also tell my friends how terrible it is.
  2. Yes this sounds opposite of what everyone wants, but I need to be able to hold down a key and it stays lit until release. I have my keyboard mapped for my RPI and want the right arrow to scroll through a time line in a show.
  3. I was waiting for an idea to pop up and noticed you mentioned ATXRaspi in another post, so i thought yeah it's possible, but the prices are *insane* for some of these solutions. I did manage to find this one that is very tempting, but wanted a second opinion first? I forgot to mention it's not about power savings for my device, but rather my NAS seems to not want to sleep with the pi constantly sending a keep alive making the hard disks spin. I still can't quite understand why they can't make something so simple without corrupting your card at the same time!
  4. Do you guys know if there is a way to wake up the Pi using a Flirc button mapped to a remote, to wake the Pi back up after you do a "shutdown" but leave the power plugged in the wall. I'd like to eliminate the need to have to unplug and replug it from the wall.
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