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  1. Followup with a resolution to my symptoms. I used the flirc contact form and Jason got back with me a couple of days later. Review of my symptoms at the time of contact: - GUI only interacted with the flirc when both interface 0 and interface 1 were on the libusbK driver (interface 0 is supposed to have a generic driver and show up as n HID Keyboard device). - GUI seems to record remote buttons, but did not respond to the remote after programming. Jason installed a new GUI, and that resolved the strange interface 0 driver issue. The unresponsive flirc symptom was solved by changing remotes (technically, I just changed the remote that my universal remote was emulating). It turns out that the flirc is designed to respond to the most common IR frequency range of about 38khz, but a few remotes operate in a 56khz range. I had my universal remote emulating an RCA device, and RCA evidently runs their remotes at 56khz. Switched the universal remote's settings, and now the flirc respond perfectly. I'm up and running now!
  2. I have this same issue, and I was hopeful there might be a solution already in this thread. My target: run NextPVR on a Lenovo Q190 (Win 8.1) from a Sony universal remote. Symptom 1: GUI reset failed. I plugged the Flirc in, installed the GUI, programmed a few buttons from the remote, made a few errors and needed to start over. Reset worked the first time I needed it, but I was an idiot and made errors the second time too. My second reset seemed to work, but then the GUI kept giving me errors about keys already in use, so it clearly had not. Attempted solution 1: Update firmware. Symptom 2: GUI crashed. I tried the "Force FW upgrade", and it said my (amazon purchased) flirc was on 2.0 and would upgrade to 3.x (don't remember the number). Then the GUI crashed. If I unplugged the flirc, the GUI was fine, but if the Flirc was plugged in the GUI crashed. Attempted solutions 2: Remove and re-install GUI - no dice. Manually update driver via windows - no dice. Manually update driver via zadig - no dice. Take the Flirc to my Win7/64 machine, install GUI, update driver via zadig (for both interface 0 and interface 1 - had to do both or it wouldn't work), update firmware (which appeared to fail when the GUI quit responding to windows and had to be shut down but was a.....) - Success! GUI talks to the flirc on both machines. Symptom 3: Flirc responds to the Sony remote in GUI, but not anywhere else. Not even intermittently. Absolutely nothing outside of the GUI programming responses. Attempted solutions round 3: Switch computers - nadda. Close GUI - nope. Unplug Flirc and plug back in - zippo. Unplug Flirc and Logitech unifying, then plug back in - nyet. Try 3rd computer (Win 7/64 laptop) without the GUI - nein. Zadig installed drivers on the 3rd computer - non. Change Inter-key delay - no change. The Flirc sounds like a neat device that should be a perfect fit for my target use. But I'm not off to a promising start. It's not even heavy enough to be a paperweight ;-)
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