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  1. I am curious about getting an "exact" list of how you set this up. If I set it up in Harmony as FLIRC/XBMC, I do not get enough buttons (no home, menu, not sure what else). So, I thought, this thing is programmable, and Microsoft/Media Center PC will have all the buttons, so I programmed the Harmony as WMC PC. Sure enough, I have all the buttons and they all work except for the issue described above - pushing the up or down key registers as a double-press. Oh, this is on version 3.4 RC2 EDIT: Got it working! I went back to FLIRC/XBMC in Harmony, then renamed this device Amazon Fire TV. Then, for the screen buttons I assigned Red to Home, and Green to Menu. Then I assigned the Harmony's Exit and Menu button to Red, and the Guide buttons to Green. (is this confusing yet?) Now, all the buttons work like I want, the buttons assigned on the screen are labeled for WAF (wife acceptance factor), and the Guide, Exit, and Menu buttons all make sense to me. Of course you can assign them any way you want, but this worked for me. Also, I customized the activity to send a "Home" (Red with my mapping) command to the AFTV at the tail of the macro, so that it would power up and be at the home screen.
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