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  1. I'm still on Fedora 21, planning to skip to 23 when it comes out (any day now). Try following my instructions here: https://www.dbrand666.com/wp/?p=91
  2. That's the latest RPM I could find too. It's old and I got the same errors you did. Here's what I did to create a working (and current) version: Download the latest DEB file that matches your architecture here: http://apt.flirc.tv/arch. For example, for 64 bit at this time that's http://apt.flirc.tv/arch/x64/binary/flirc_1.3.2-1_amd64.deb. Convert it to an RPM with alien: sudo alien -r flirc_1.3.2-1_amd64.deb Remove the unnecessary and conflicting entries: rpmrebuild -p --change-spec-files="grep -i flirc" flirc-1.3.2-2.x86_64.rpm That command will create a new rpm that should install cleanly and seems to work fine for me. I'm on Fedora 21 64-bit.
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