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  1. Hi Unsure if this should be classed as a bug or new feature suggestion. I think it would be good to implement the ability to resize the GUI application window. My HTPC is connected to a large screen TV, I have set Windows to make everything bigger in the accessibility options as I sit so far away from the TV. Unfortunately, as you currently cannot resize the window, a lot of the information is cropped if that makes sense. Thanks
  2. Hi all Not the clearest of photos but just thought I'd show the completion of a recent HTPC build of mine. I wanted to have the functionality of fully shutting down (S5) / powering back up which only the FLIRC-SE offers. I wanted a large chassis (Silverstone GD08), bigger than anything Streacom could offer, which naturally causes complications to mounting a FLIRC-SE. Sorry about image quality but as you can see, I've mounted the unit by attaching it to a drive bar door in the top right. 3 holes drilled, one for the IR sensor (will cover with tinted film) and two for the mounting bolts (used black plastic M3 bolts)
  3. I can get mine to start up from S5 but not shut down to S5. Apparently a known bug. Mike
  4. Anyone know an ETA for the firmware upgrade? Thanks
  5. Hi Jason Any ETA on the next release please? Thanks
  6. OK excellent, thanks for the confirmation.
  7. Hi I've successfully assigned a button to the "record power" function of the FLIRC-SE. This button does not however trigger a full S5 shutdown. It will start up from S5 shutdown but not trigger one when in Windows. I'm on Windows 8.1, firmware 3.4 RC2 Any ideas please? Thanks Mike
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