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  1. Mike1983

    FLIRC GI Window cannot be resized

    Hi Unsure if this should be classed as a bug or new feature suggestion. I think it would be good to implement the ability to resize the GUI application window. My HTPC is connected to a large screen TV, I have set Windows to make everything bigger in the accessibility options as I sit so far away from the TV. Unfortunately, as you currently cannot resize the window, a lot of the information is cropped if that makes sense. Thanks
  2. Mike1983

    FLIRC-SE in a non Streacom case

    Hi all Not the clearest of photos but just thought I'd show the completion of a recent HTPC build of mine. I wanted to have the functionality of fully shutting down (S5) / powering back up which only the FLIRC-SE offers. I wanted a large chassis (Silverstone GD08), bigger than anything Streacom could offer, which naturally causes complications to mounting a FLIRC-SE. Sorry about image quality but as you can see, I've mounted the unit by attaching it to a drive bar door in the top right. 3 holes drilled, one for the IR sensor (will cover with tinted film) and two for the mounting bolts (used black plastic M3 bolts)
  3. I can get mine to start up from S5 but not shut down to S5. Apparently a known bug. Mike
  4. Mike1983

    FLIRC-SE - Does not shut down

    Anyone know an ETA for the firmware upgrade? Thanks
  5. Mike1983

    FLIRC-SE - Does not shut down

    Hi Jason Any ETA on the next release please? Thanks
  6. Mike1983

    FLIRC-SE - Does not shut down

    OK excellent, thanks for the confirmation.
  7. Mike1983

    FLIRC-SE - Does not shut down

    Hi I've successfully assigned a button to the "record power" function of the FLIRC-SE. This button does not however trigger a full S5 shutdown. It will start up from S5 shutdown but not trigger one when in Windows. I'm on Windows 8.1, firmware 3.4 RC2 Any ideas please? Thanks Mike