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  1. :(. anyone know how to get the firmware version 2.3 (or still has the GUI which forces the 2.3 install)?
  2. I am having the exact same issue. Working perfectly on 2.3. upgraded to 3.3 and works intermittently. I downloaded the 3.0rc4 and it seemed to improve (a tiny bit). If anyone has the firmware 2.3 can you please send it to me
  3. forcing upgrade upgrades the firmware to 3.3
  4. A downgrade will be most beneficial right now, because I am setting this up for my parents (who really aren't techies), and leaving tomorrow, so if i cant get it working before then, its going in the box and back to the store.
  5. Hi, I got my Flirc receivers earlier today. I downloaded the setup online and went through the process of setting up the remote control. The receivers had firmware v2.3 on it. I initially tried setting it up with my toshiba tv remote (ct90256), but then i realized that would also send some of those commands to the tv and could cause problems. I then decided to use my verizon fios remote for it. Set everything up and it worked like a charm. I saved the configuration, then I moved the remote/receiver pair to a different computer, plugged it in without downloading anything and it worked perfectly. I started setting up the other one, but before i started, i decided to upgrade the firmware to 3.3 using the "force firmware update" in the advanced menu. After the update, i loaded the configs, but it did nothing. So i erased and tried programming it manually. It worked, but extremely intermittently. I brought the already working/programmed one down and updated the firmware then tried programming it again. Now it was extremely intermittent. I also tried the toshiba remote that was working flawlessly and now that one also has a problem. The only buttons that seemed to work properly were the volume +/- button on the fios remote. It seems like others have had That is where I am now. 3 questions: 1. Can i get firmware 2.3 and downgrade 2. Is a fix for this in progress or am i just best off sticking with 2.3? 3. Does the "force firmware update" also change the windows program in any way?
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