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  1. Oh I got it!!!
    I used an old xtreamer remote. Teached the Flirc the FF IR Code and bind it to key 'F' at the keyboard profile. Then the same for Rewind.
    All I have to do is teach the Logitech harmony remote flirc profile the xtreamer remote IR codes (as new commands) and that's it. 


    The potential of this small thing is amazing! I can write a powershell script and run it with IR command!!!

  2. Once you set your harmony up with the XBMC profile you can still customize how any of the buttons act in the Flirc Gui.  The remote just has to have some key mapped to that button so that it sends a signal.  The Flirc can then assign that to any action in the GUI.  The XBMC profile is nice for XBMC users that want most default keys mapped without having to use the Flirc gui, but it can still be customized.


    For example the info button if you don't care about seeing the info, could be mapped to a different key combination like with key modifiers to do the shortcuts you are talking about by using the Flirc gui to record that action and button.

    I don't have the original IR remote control.. Is there any "dummy" remote control that people use just to emit IR code to learn?

  3. Lets assume I have a windows pc with XBMC.

    I want to add it via the keyboard controller keys combination (ctrl+alt+M for instance) that will launch some hotkey shortcut (For example will open XBMC or run some script, whatever..).
    Now comes the thing that I don't understand. How should I map between this new custom key combination to a button on my remote?
    Does flirc has more than XBMC profile at logitech DB?

  4. I have Logitech harmony smart hub (With smart control), Flirc (Latest firmware 3.3), Minix X8-H (Latest fimware 002A).
    Using the XBMC profile I succeed to map Play, Pause, Stop and info.
    However, Rewind and FastForward not working.
    These commands are not present on the original remote anyway but Minix have added these IR codes at the latest firmware.
    Can someone please explain if there is a way to fix it?

    Thanks in advance!

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