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  1. I have the Harmony Touch, I've set all the delays for FLIRC to 0 with no luck yet. After browsing the Harmony forums this seems to be quite an issue for many users. I used my camera on my phone to be able to see the IR transmissions per key press and they seem almost instant, which confuses me even more.
  2. Well you were right. I paired my Vizio remote for my TV and there was no lag whatsoever. Still I dont know why there's no lag with any other devices other than FLIRC. Either way I know that its the remote. I will email Harmony and see if they know of anything or maybe its a bad unit. Doubtful but worth a shot I guess.
  3. Yes! Actually I do, I will set that one up in a little bit here and report back.
  4. Thank you for the reply. Definitely not the answer I was hoping for since I really like the layout and feel of the Harmony but its the situation that I'm in regardless and will have to deal with the lag. Hopefully Harmony will get it together and fix this issue with a software update or a better put together device in the future. Thank you again for your input and have a nice day!
  5. I have my Harmony programmed as > FLIRC > XMBC. Also tried deleting the device and re-adding it. I did the force firmware update a couple days ago with FLIRC, not sure what the old firmware was but its been updated to 3.3, Harmony is on 3.12.9 and up to date.
  6. Yes, I've tried on my laptop with Kodi without the use of eventghost or even FLIRC software installed. It's still laggy, though I would say its slightly less laggy but not by much or even by an amount that makes it more usable.
  7. So, I guess I'm just stuck with the lag caused by FLIRC.
  8. I've had the remote for about a week now and FLIRC for about 4 days. I've setup all my commands in FLIRC and in EventGhost they all work perfectly fine. My problem is the amount of lag in Kodi. For instance if I press the right arrow button it will take about 1 or 2 seconds to respond on screen. I'm about 7 feet away from the FLIRC dongle and its directly in front of me so I know its not an interference error. I have Inter-key and Inter-Device on my Harmony both set to 0 and Inter-key on FLIRC set to 0 as well. I have tried the advancedconfig.xml in Kodi to fix the lag but with no luck. FLIRC firmware is 3.3 and Harmony firmware is up to date as well. Any fix for this?
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