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  1. Thank you, I tried this. it did not help at all. If I bounce off the ceiling or any other direction I get nothing. If I aim the remote directly at the flirc I can program and that is all. maybe this unit is defective. I bought two at once, the 2nd is multi states away from me, given away as a present, so I cant test with that. I am not sure even how I could return it when two were sent to me in one order. -Stampee
  2. I am a new user as of dec 2014. I am on windows 7 64 bit I have had nothing but trouble programming keys and erasing previous codes etc. I now find that my flirc device has very poor sensitivity. I have to point my remote control directly at it before it will pickup anything. I have tried numerous good remotes I have which I know have excellent power and the flirc will not receive a signal unless I point the remote directly at it. any advice would be appreciated. -Stampee
  3. I still have this problem. I cannot erase a key or program over it. I am using firmware 3.3 windows 7 and acoustics research xSight touch remote. -stampee
  4. I am also a new user and have the same trouble. The Flirc GUI says the keys are programmed fine, but the remote does nothing in windows 7 when I try to use it. I updated the firmware to 3.3 to no avail. I also tried two different remotes. The GUI says the button presses record fine, but nothing happens when I use the remote with windows. -stampee
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