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  1. Ok Im a professional A/V installer. looking for an option for things like fire TV, Ras Pi etc so trying this for my self first. I know this is a small 1 man project. But you really need some documentation on the advanced options. mostly What inter-key delay is and how exactly you can try and use it. On to my issues. Im using an RTI remote and have tired it with a URC. I have now tried literally 15 different devices. All but one gives multiple key presses with one push. I have changed repeats in the IR codes to 1 with no change. I have played with the inter-key delay, this doesnt seem to do anything at all with any of the codes. I finally found 1 code set that does not have the multiple repeat issue, BUT it will not repeat on hold down. The DrirecTV HR24 set works 1 at a time but is still not acceptable since holding it down doesnt work. I can see the emitters still emitting but noting happens. Inter-key delay makes no difference at all. it seems a lot of these issue came up with the latest firmware from reading posts.
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